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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any other costs besides the training fee?


Once you pay the training fee there are no other costs that you will pay us.

There is no cost to partner with me on deals.

Can I do this if I have a full or part time job?

Yes, most people who start wholesaling have full or part time jobs and wholesale as side income or eventually transition into wholesaling as their full time career.

Why would investors use wholesalers instead of finding the deal themselves?

Investors do find deals themselves and will use wholesalers as long as the numbers work.

Investors would rather focus on fixing and flipping and not be concerned about all of the work involved in finding the deal and negotiating. Remember, the numbers must work and make sense for an investor to want your deal. I teach that in the training. 


How long until my first deal?

A lot of people ask how long does it usually take to get their first deal and the answer is I have no idea. For some people its very fast for others it could take weeks to months. Some people will quit after being told no a few times. It really depends on your willingness to keep moving forward despite the multiple times being told no. I have people who are on their 4th deal the first month, some are on their 2nd and some on their 1st and some did nothing at all. Everyone is different. I will 100% teach you what to do but it is up to you to go out and do it. 

What is the commission split?

If you decide to partner with me and I provide mentorship on your deals then we will split the assignment fee 50/50.

How do I make sure I will get paid my 50%?

You are the one who will pick the title company and be in control of the deal. It will be in your name so title will pay you as a primary and pay me in second place.  

If I am on the payment plan can I still get full access to training and partner with you on deals or do I have to wait until it is paid off?

You will have full access to training regardless if you are on the payment plan or paid in full.

You can partner with me on deals regardless if you paid in full or if you are using the payment plan.

How much time per day do I need to wholesale?

I would suggest at least 2 hours per day or every other day.

Some people with full time jobs will do most of their wholesale work on their days off.

For those with a more flexible schedule you can wholesale as many hours as you like.


What is the next step to getting started?

Pay for training with Option 1 in Full or Option 2 Payment Plan

Register an account

Watch and study the videos

After training you will decide the following:

                1. Local or virtual, if virtual then which city do you want to focus on

                2. Then decide on a type of deals you want to target. Vacant, pre-foreclosure, land, etc.

                3. Then decide on a strategy to go after these deals.

These topics are all explained in training. 


What if I already have training in wholesaling and just need a mentor?

I prefer you take my training first then partner with me on deals and I provide my mentorship.

However, I am not going to turn down a possible deal. So, if you do have a deal then give us a call with the details and we can see about partnering.

How long is training?

You will be provided with tons of content that you can watch or listen to at your own pace and your own time.

Training is broken up into 74 videos that cover a variety of topics that you need to know in order to fully understand the wholesaling process.

There is a Full training video that is 5 hours long which is broken up into 2 parts. This is a recorded Zoom Live Training session. 

The topic videos range from 3 mins to 10 mins each.

In total about 8 hours.


Is training live?

Training is offered through online pre-recorded videos so that you can take training at your own pace and on your own time. It is best to use headphones and take lots of notes.



How does the mentorship/partnership work?

One of the training videos will be titled “Training is over and when to contact me”. In that video you will be given instructions on when to contact me and what information I will need from you.

If you have decided to partner with me then we will go over the details of your deal and I will guide you step by step until closing at a title company or a law firm. We will split the profits 50/50.

You do not have to partner with me on every deal.

You do not have to partner with me at all, the choice is yours.  


Do I have to partner with you?

No, you do not have to partner with me to take the training. Once you pay for the training you can just utilize the training platform and you never have to partner with me at all.

Is my training fee reimbursed?

Yes, the training fee you paid will get reimbursed back to you if we partner on a wholesale deal and close at a title company or law firm.

Otherwise the training fee is non-refundable.

Training used to be free but too many people would register and there was no way to tell who was serious and actually going to take action and really put in the work. The small fee weeded out all of those people, so I get to focus on training only those who are serious about learning and taking the steps to close wholesale deals.



What if I don’t live in a major or minor city?

I would suggest you wholesale virtually and target the nearest major city or any major city across the US. 

Where can I view the training topics?

To view all of the topics covered in the training copy and paste this very long link into your internet browser then scroll down.

What previous experience helps when wholesaling?

Sales experience, customer service experience, or if you are a people person.

As long as you are not afraid of being told no hundreds of times.

How to reach you once training is over and I want to partner on deals?

Once training is complete you will receive an alternate number to contact with your deals.

How do I find investors?

Finding investors is covered in training.

Where do I get leads from?

How to find leads is covered in training.

Is there a cost to get leads?

There are tons of free ways to get leads.

If you choose to order some leads lists, they will vary in price from $10-$40 depending on the list.


This is a business opportunity, not a job?

This is a business opportunity where you will learn the entire business of wholesaling real estate then you will decide if you want to partner with us on deals. I am not interested in you being an employee. I want you to be a complete wholesaler who has fully been trained on the process then we can partner on deals. I am not your boss. No one will call to check on you to see if you are working. You have to take the initiative to get up and work on these deals.

What are my overall duties as a wholesaler?

Finding investors

Negotiating with homeowners

Filling out contracts

Negotiating with investors

Waiting to get paid from the title company.

Of course, there are way more duties than this and they are all explained in the training.

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