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Start a Career in Real Estate Wholesaling
and Partnering on Deals!
(No license required)


This is a Business Opportunity for those who would like a career in wholesaling real estate in your city and surrounding cities or virtually across the US and partner together on deals!

If you are unfamiliar with wholesaling real estate, then read towards the bottom of this post in the section titled “What is Wholesaling Real Estate”.


-This is a business opportunity as you will be an independent contractor.

-Find specific properties for investors to buy and make commissions ranging from $2,500 to $10,000+ on each deal.

-Once you find the properties, contact the homeowner and negotiate a fair price that investors are willing to pay.

-Once the property is under contract you will add your fee on top then assign the contract to an investor who will close on the property within 2-3 weeks using a reputable title company.

-You can do this in person or virtual across the USA.




If you do not know how to wholesale real estate and would like to receive training on this Business Opportunity, then you can sign up to access our online training portal and take the 8-hour training. Training is done through 74 videos covering various topics and you can take the training at your own pace and your own time.


In training you will learn step by step and very detailed the entire business of How to Wholesale Real Estate. 

1. How to find and vet investors who will pay for the real estate deals.

2. How to find leads. Leads are FREE. Leads are vacant houses, pre foreclosures, houses that need repairs and the homeowner is selling AS-IS, land, and more.  

3. How to contact the homeowners, what to say, how to negotiate deals and run the numbers.

4. How to work with reputable title companies in your city and collect your commission which is called an assignment fee.

5. How to fill out the contracts and process all of the paperwork required on these deals.

6. How to Wholesale Land Deals for Home Builders.

7. And much more.



Not to become an employee or work for someone.

There are countless opportunities for wholesaling real estate. There are countless deals available every month and countless investors ready to pay these commissions.

Training will take 8 hours and is done online then you will receive mentorship as we partner on deals.

Once the training is complete you will have all the knowledge you need to get started in this business opportunity of wholesaling real estate.


Finding properties for investors to buy. Investors will either fix and flip or keep them as rentals. These investors are willing to pay commissions from $2,500 to $10,000 or more. We find the deals, negotiate a price, put them under contract and assign the contract to an investor. We never use our own money.  I will teach you the entire process step by step and partner with you 50/50 to close on these deals with reputable title companies. Once a contract is signed the average close time is 2-3 weeks.



Individuals will fall into one of these 2 categories.

Category 1: You do not know what wholesaling real estate is and want to learn about it.

We will explain the entire process to you and if you feel it is a good fit, then you will move on to category 2.


Category 2: You know about wholesaling real estate and will need step by step training. We have an entire training platform online you can utilize to learn at your own pace and on your own time. Once training is complete, we can mentor/partner with you and close deals across the USA.



Click Here which will take you to the Home Page then find your category to get started. 

If you would like to speak to us then send a text to the number provided below. Include your name, city, and the category you fall under and we will respond back to you as soon as possible. We will set up a time to call you and go over more details and get you started.



We look forward to training and partnering with you on wholesale real estate deals!


Henry Guerra


Guerra Industries

Training and Partnering with Wholesalers Nation Wide

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